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Wednesday, 22 August 2018
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Buon Ma Thuot Tours

Destinations: Pleiku - Tram Lap - Breeding Farm - Nam Muoi Waterfall - Tram Lap - Pleiku
Treking in Koncharang national preservation forest wll give you an opportunity to enjoy the beauty of nature with the largest national park of Tram Lap, breathing the fresh and pure atmosphere in Nam ...
Destinations: Kon Tum - Dakso village - KonPong village - KonTum
Kontum is a town with few sights in their own right. The surrounding minority villages, including settlements of the Sedang, Bahnar, Jarai, Gieh Trieng and Rengao ethnic groups, the beautiful scenery ...
Destinations: HCM city - Dalat - Lak Lake - Pleiku - Kontum - Pleiku - HCM City
Pleiku and Kontum are located on the National Route 19 and 14, 540km from Ho Chi Minh City. Pleiku is well-known for its natural attractions such as Bien Ho lake, Chu H’Drung mountain... ...
Destinations: Buon Ma Thuot - Lak Lake - Krong Kmar Falls - Chu Yang Sin
Daklak is famous for its forest and the stretching coffee hills. It has left a deep impression in the hearts of visitors through the warm spicy of wine drunk in Gong performance, elephant ...
Destinations: Da Lat - Lak Lake - Draysap waterfall - Buon Ma Thuot - Buon Don - Pleiku - Ho Chi Minh
The Central Highlands of Vietnam have many interesting places, the traditional community houses with their unique architectures, and local hilltribes’ diversified cultures. Visit Central ...
Destinations: Ho Chi Minh - Kon Tum - Mang Den - KonTuRan - KonBih - KonTum - Ho Chi Minh
The best time to visit Pleiku is between November and April. During these months, there are lesser rain. It is not practical to visit the city during the wet season from May to ...
Destinations: Ho Chi Minh - Buon Ma Thuot - Lak lake - Jun village - M’lieng village - Waterfalls - Don village - Buon Ma Thuot - Ho Chi Minh
Not far from Buon Ma Thuot are the Dray Sap falls - broad waterfalls set in a horseshoe shape. Around the waterfalls are old growth forests with variety of birds and other wildlife can be spotted ...
Destinations: Ho Chi Minh - Buon Ma Thuot - Yok Don National Park - Buon Ma Thuot - Ho Chi Minh
Yok Don National park is located in four communes in Dak Lak province: Ea Bung and Chu M’Lanh communes- Ea Sup district, Krong Na commune- Buon Don district, and Ea Po commune, Cu Jut district. ...
Destinations: Ho Chi Minh City - Pleiku - Kontum - Konktu - Kon Chro - Yangnam - Plei Bloum - Pleiku - Ho Chi Minh
When visit the Central Highlands of Vietnam, you will have a chance to visit so many beautiful places and the traditional community houses with their unique architectures and cultures... You will be ...
Destinations: Hochiminh - Pleiku - Konkotu - Buon Ma Thuot -Don Village - Hochiminh
Highland of Vietnam has so many beautiful and majestic sceneries to visit and explore. Our tour will bring to you an intersting trip for this summer vacation.
Destinations: Ho Chi Minh - Buon Ma Thuot - Buon Don - Pleiku - Kon Tum - Mang Den - Ho Chi Minh
Come to Buon ma Thuot in our trip, guests will enjoy fresh air, enjoy the specialties and discover the fascinating land with majestic scenery, abundant land and life of the people
The program will take visitors to the land of extremely beautiful lands. Guests can attend the campfire and gong perfomance with the honest and extremely hospitable fellow people, and enjoy the taste ...
Destinations: Ho Chi Minh - Buon Ma Thuot - Draynur waterfall - Museum - Buon Don - Ako Dhong
Our Central Highlands tour will bring you over mountains, rivers and enjoy the beauty of falls. You also have a chance to experience the unique culture of the Bahnar and Jarai Minorities as you visit ...
Destinations: Ho Chi Minh - Buon Ma Thuot - Lak lake - Ako Dhong - Buon Don
The Highlands not only attract visitors by rubber forests and endless coffee or the fascinating folk epics of the Ede and M'nông but also by the majestic and romanti scenery as well as special ...
Destinations: Ho Chi Minh- Buon Ma Thuot - Ban Don - Buon Ma Thuot - Ho Chi Minh
Unlike Saigon, Buon Me Thuot these days still has chilly wind, gently penetrates the skin. The fresh air and the wind from Highland mountains bring people here serenity and cool atmosphere. Sitting ...
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